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Green COP Launches Pre-commercial Plant in Johor, Malaysia


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30 May 2024

Aims to Produce The First Tonne of Sustainable Biofuels by The Third Quarter
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Green COP's pre-commercial plant in Johor, Malaysia, is designed to process a ton of biomass daily, serving as a crucial facility for refining and scaling up the company's innovative biofuel production process.

SINGAPORE, MAY 30, 2024 – Green COP Pte. Ltd., a leading sustainability company pioneering innovative biofuel solutions, is delighted to announce the launch of its pre-commercial plant in Johor, Malaysia. This momentous event is highlighted during InnovFest 2024, a premier platform for showcasing innovations and fostering technological advancements.

The pre-commercial plant is a significant milestone in Green COP's mission to revolutionize the biofuel industry. Strategically located at a palm oil mill site in Johor, the plant is designed to process a ton of biomass daily, focusing on enhancing the efficiency and scalability of Green COP’s biofuel production process. This facility will serve as a pivotal site for refining and scaling up the company’s proprietary process of converting plant-based biowaste into sustainable biofuels.

Green COP’s biofuels, designed as drop-in fuels for ships, can be seamlessly integrated without extensive ship modifications. Notably, these biofuels boast a shelf life exceeding 24 months and reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions by 30%, offering a convenient and effective solution for transitioning to sustainable marine fuels. The insights gained from this phase will be instrumental in optimizing the technology for full-scale commercial production, targeted for the near future.

Green COP aims to produce the first tonne of sustainable biofuels by the third quarter of 2024. Achieving this milestone will demonstrate the viability of Green COP's innovative process on a larger scale and set the stage for the transition to commercial production. This initial production target is critical for validating the efficiency and sustainability of the technology, providing real-world data that can attract further investment and partnerships.

Dr. Hanson Lee, CEO & Co-founder of Green COP, expressed his excitement about the pre-commercial plant launch, stating, "The initiation of our pre-commercial plant marks a pivotal moment in our journey. It not only validates our technology but also brings us closer to commercial-scale production. We are thrilled to showcase our progress at InnovFest 2024, highlighting our commitment to driving sustainable solutions in the biofuel industry."


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About Green COP Pte. Ltd.

Green COP is a Singapore-based start-up dedicated to elevating sustainability within the renewable energy sector. Leveraging on patented deep-tech technologies, Green COP specialises in the production of sustainable biofuels derived from biowaste, with a strategic focus in fostering a circular economy in the maritime and transportation sectors.


For media queries or further information, please contact:

Ms. SNG Yee Ching

Project Director


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