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Process Engineer (Closed)

Johor, Malaysia

Job Type

Full Time



* This role is a fixed-term contract of one year, subject to renewal.

You will

    • Supervise and lead operators to ensure safe, reliable, and efficient operation of the biofuels production pilot plant.
    • Oversee daily plant activities, including start-ups, shutdowns, and troubleshooting of equipment and processes.
    • Continuously evaluate and optimize biofuels production processes to enhance efficiency, yield, and quality.
    • Implement improvements based on data analysis and performance metrics.
    • Establish and maintain quality control procedures to ensure the production of high-quality biofuels.
    • Develop and implement preventive maintenance programs for all plant equipment.
    • Analyze process data, troubleshoot issues, and provide regular reports to management.


    • Diploma or Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering or a related field.
    • With at least 3 years of experience in biofuels production or similar chemical process industries.
    • Strong leadership and communication skills.
    • Knowledge of safety regulations and environmental compliance.
    • Problem-solving mindset and attention to detail.

About the Company

Green COP is a Singapore-based start-up dedicated to elevating sustainability within the renewable energy sector. Leveraging on patented deep-tech technologies, Green COP specialises in the production of sustainable biofuels derived from biowaste, with a strategic focus in fostering a circular economy in the maritime and transportation sectors.

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